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Interested in Yachts and Boats? Here is the deal!

Have been quite a while did not post a thing. Well, this time, i’m gonna post something related to business deals.

The China Yacht Producer (Less than 75 feet) HT Yachts is actively looking for dealers and final customers globally.¬†We are professional in producing Sport Yachts/Boats, Sailboats, Fishing Boats etc (with size less than 75 feet) and ship them worldwide.Our Sailboats are designed by Dibley Marine Yacht Design from New Zealand.Our yachts/boats are all produced using VARI (Vaccum Assisted Resin Infusion) Technic. Whoever is interested please don’t hesitate to contact Alex @ alex@meike.cn or +65 96620855 (Singapore)/ +86 13505060202 (China) for details.

The Company Work In Progress Sailboat Resin Infusion Technic Beautiful Yacht with Lovely Customer Details of the yacht Fantastic Ride Details of the yachtOur Sailboat

dealerdirect salefinal customerfishingfishing boatHT Yachtssailboattinieyeswww.htyacht.cnyachtingyachts

Alex .D. • October 13, 2016

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