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How hard is doing something you like?

So basically how hard it is? I ever wondered. I thought it is simple and easy, just head for it and carefree. However, I was wrong. People tend to consider a lot when it comes to give up whatever they have right now. Just for example, if you already have a job and earning a…

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1st Blog Post by Microsoft Word

This is a testing blog post from Microsoft Word to my Tinieyes.com

Why on earth there are still so much comment spams

I wondering how is this kind of the marketing strategy going to work nowadays. They just simply go around and spam their website URL here and there. Really hate these people. By the way is this way of doing SEO still workable?

A song that i heard from an ads

Just feel it is great to share this songs to ppl who do pay some visits here.

Fell Sick in HK

Fell sick, on the 6th day here. I went to a fast food restaurant yesterday afternoon, it was considered hot about 20 degree celsius in such Winter time. However that damn restaurant turn their air-con on and it was so freaking cold that start trembling half way through the meal. After left the restaurant i…

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Happy New Year

ALMOST FORGET THIS, Happy New Year! Seems Dooms day did not come on time, i guess many gonna be very sad, but I’m sure lot of people are very happy that life goes on. Anyway, A whole new year, so i got to have a whole new plan. Revising my 10 year plan, WHICH IS…

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Changing to Samsung

Finally, I changed to Samsung S3. I’m really disappointed about apple. I think apple is not going to be as great as what it should be after Steve Jobs has gone. Anyway, more about Samsung S3 LTE. I realize it is lighter than iPhone, however it is quite hot if you use it for long….

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Solved: ESET block win7 Home share folders

This is a linked poste. Eset Firewall and Windows 7 build 7100 I too was having issues with ESS on build 7100 in not being able to reliably share out my folders. I eventually got it to work by modifying some of the settings. You can give the following a try to see if they…

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A song that I love since young

This is a very meaningful mandarin Song from Taiwanese Singer: 鄭智化 called : 水手 Here is the lyrics: 總是幻想海洋的盡頭有另一個世界 總是以為勇敢水手是真正的男兒 總是一副弱不禁風孬種的樣子 在受人欺負的時候總是聽見水手說 他說 風雨中 這點痛算什麼 擦乾淚 不要怕 至少我們還有夢 他說 風雨中 這點痛算什麼 擦乾淚 不要問為什麼 長大以後 為了理想而努力 漸漸地忽略了父親 母親和故鄉的消息 如今的我 生活就像在演戲 說著言不由衷的話 戴著偽善的面具 總是拿著微不足道的成就來騙自己 總是莫名奇妙感到一陣的空虛 總是靠一點酒精的麻醉才能夠睡去 在半睡半醒之間彷彿又聽見水手說 他說 風雨中 這點痛算什麼 擦乾淚 不要怕 至少我們還有夢 他說 風雨中 這點痛算什麼 擦乾淚 不要問為什麼 尋尋覓覓尋不到活著的證據 都市的柏油路太硬踩不出足跡 驕傲無知的現代人不知道珍惜 那一片被文明糟踏過的海洋和天地 只有遠離人群才能找回我自己 在帶著鹹味的空氣中自由地呼吸 耳畔又傳來汽笛聲和水手的笑語 永遠在內心的最深處聽見水手說

What a beautiful Sky

Went out of my house at night and look into the sky, full of stars. Wonderful nature. Wish  one day i could embark my journey around the world (which is one of my life wish). How beautiful the sky is. Where on earth is my camera?!!! sigh. . . it is back in singapore. I…

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