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Recommending a personal Cloud System

I have been using it without a problem for like months and it is really good that i wish i could recommend to more people who needs a personal cloud like me. It also has a blogging function and you could use ur own URL as well. It is called : tonido You can find…

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I realized that I do not have the habit of blogging. So i rewind the purpose of the this web which is to keep an update of my interest. Sooooo, it is ok that i did not blog for a long time LOL.

Keep Raining

It is already Winter, but the whether is not dry at all. Instead, it rains for so many days. That’s kinna weird. My Exams are just around the corner but I’m still busy with my Diablo 3. LMAO.

My macbook Pro is getting old

I can feel it nowadays, my lovely macbook pro 15″ is really old. It is intel core 2 duo when I bought it like 4yrs back while I was still studying in Polytechnics. It gets really slow when running in MAC OS, especially when I have to run photoshop, word and pdf + some other…

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Melbourne Trip

Traveled to Melbourne last week and realized that, my place is just like country side.


Why is my carpet SO DIRTY!!!

I got no freaking idea why the house we are staying so easy to accumulate dust. In just one day, my carpet is full of dust which could simply be collected and form a “cotton” ball as big as a pingpong ball. —– FML.


Peak at the moon

  With flash.


HotPot @ Home

We decided to have a hotpot session at home in order to celebrate my housemate’s birthday. Thus, She invited many of her chinese friends as well as one of our classmates which is also my good friend. Glad to knew few more friends from china. They are really nice people to meet with. Thanks food…

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NextGen dropdown list loading forever

I think many of you will experience the same problem like i do. Thus, I felt i should post the quick fix here. However, if u see any better fix or hot fix on the internet please do let me know. problem: “When I am in the post editor, and click the insert gallery button,…

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went to Brisbane City for the ANZAC day and watch the parade. After wards, my friends and I went to Mt Coot tha. I’m still trying to get the pictures uploaded as my Photoshop CS4 could not read my D7000 Nikon NEF file (raw file). That really pissed me off. Anyway with help of aperture….

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